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Are you working toward the goal of skiing all 300 miles of the Catamount Trail? A growing number of adventuresome skiers have completed the length of the Catamount Trail from Massachusetts to Canada.  End-to-end skiers receive a certificate, a CTA lapel pin, acknowledgment in the CTA Newsletter, and plenty of glory.  

If you would like to become an official end-to-ender here’s what to do:  Each time you ski a section of the Trail, document your day’s ski in a journal. Include the date, the name of the section, the ski conditions, and your experiences on the trail.

Here is an example of what your journal might look like – Journal Example

Here is a journal template you can use to record each tour –  Journal Template

Every winter the CTA organizes two week-long tours, each of which is designed to cover one quarter of the trail.  The following year’s tours each cover a different quarter.  We want to help you bag the Catamount!


Collector’s Edition: End-to-Ender Stoneware Mugs
These handcrafted end-to-ender mugs are available only to people who have skied the entire length of the Catamount Trail. They are $15 plus shipping and handling. To order one, please call the office at (802) 864-5794. 



It may take you a few years to complete all the sections, so don’t lose your journal.  When you have completed the entire Trail, submit a copy of your journal to the CTA office.  Once we receive your journal, we will provide you with your certificate and pin, and your name will be added to the following list:

Ben Rose (1984)
Steve Bushey (1984)
Paul Jarris (1984)
Nancy Langkopf
Eric Barradale (1988)
Joan Barradale (1988)
Elizabeth Stone (1990)
John Stone (1990)
Sharon Trimble (1990)
Jean Coello (1990)
Bryan Liss (1990)
Richard Saul (1990)
John Martin (1994)
Sue Martin (1994)
Michael Hallock (2000)
Mary Bellinzier (2001)
Donald Wallace (2001)
G. Scot Applegate (2002)
Frank Wootten (2003)
Bernie Webber (2003)
Sylvie Finer (2003)
Nancy Gates (2003)
Martha McPheeters (2003)
Mark Schwabe (2003)
Greg Pedrick (2003)
John Stearns (2003)
Paul Kendall (2003, 2013)
Kim Dunkley (2003)
Jim Taylor (2003)
Kim Potter (2004)
Paul Demers (2005)
Dennis Clarke (2007)
Lynn Fisher (2008)
Dagny St John (2008)
Peter Lane (2008, 2 times!)
Todd Holden (2008)
Rick Molz (2008)
Priscilla Carr (2008)
Sam Bartlett (2008)
Jill Aspinall (2009)
Rich Larsen (2009)
Sheri Larsen (2009)
Phil Kivlin (2009)
Steve Fernandes (2010)
Deb Kirchway (2011)
Jim Goodine (2011)
Rudge Canning (2011)
Ferdinand Lauffer (2011)
William Michels (2012)
Joe Cook (2012)
Paul Adams (2012)
Lee Dillard Adams (2012)
Donna Dearborn (2013)
Debbie Page (2013)
Michael O’Leary (2013)
Gretchen Cherington (2013)
Bill Herrington (2013)
Charlene Gates (2013)
Margo Krasnoff (2013)
Peter Cottrell (2013)
Marie Bartlett (2013)
Spencer Crispe (2013)
Gerry Spencer (2013)
Amy Otten (2014)
Bob Romeo (2014)
Karen Heinzmann (2014)
Marilyn Williams (2015)
Sam Brakeley (2015)
Zac Edwards (2015)
Kevin Batson (2015)
Julie Higgins (2015)
Nancy McClellan (2015)
Bob Ordemann (2015)
Craig Hadden (2015)
Sue Johnston (2015)
Pat Sabalis (2015)
Tif Crowell (2015)
Ted Vogt (2015)
Sue Emmons (2015)
Ian Forgays (2016)
Augusta Blackstone (2016) 
Peter Lane (2017)
Brian Sharlach (2017)
Stephen Hale (2017)