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Northern 4-Day Tour #3 (FULL)

Thursday to Sunday, February 8-11, 2018
Sections 20 to 23 – Camel’s Hump Road to Edson Hill

Skiers are welcome to sign up for as many days as they wish, even one. Register below or contact the CTA Office at 802-864-5794. To ask specific questions about the tour contact the Tour Coordinator.


Tour Coordinators

Rich & Sheri Larsen – 


Section Descriptions

Section 20: Camel’s Hump Road To Duxbury Road – February 8th
This section provides a variety of groomed and ungroomed skiing along moderately steep terrain, and passes through the groomed trail system of the Camel’s Hump Skiers’ Association (CHSA). The Trail from the CHSA trail system north to Duxbury Rd. (River Rd.) provides an exhilarating downhill ski along the popular Honey Hollow Trail.

Section 22: Bolton Valley Nordic Center to Trapp Family Lodge – February 9th
This popular section is a rugged, backcountry tour climbing 1300 feet and descending 2300 feet. It features a narrow trail in the spruce forest above 2700 feet, a long descent through open forest, and marvelous views in many directions – the Little River and Cotton Brook Valleys and Worcester Range to the east, Camel’s Hump to the south and Mt. Mansfield to the north. The region between Bolton Valley and the start of the descent is a reliable area to find good early and late season snow, but the descent becomes very difficult if the snow is icy or crusty, or if there is insufficient snow cover.

Section 21: Route 2 to Bolton Valley Nordic Center – February 10th
This section starts with a long uphill climb on a trail shared with snowmobiles and ends on the beautiful groomed trails of the Bolton Valley Nordic Center.

Section 23: Trapp Family Lodge to Edson Hill – February 11th
This section of the CT runs mostly, but not entirely, on groomed trails of Stowe’s four ski touring centers: Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe Mountain Resort (a/k/a Mt. Mansfield) Touring Center, Topnotch Resort, and Edson Hill Manor. Many possibilities for shorter tours covering one or two of the three legs are feasible. For example: between Trapp’s and Mt. Mansfield TC, between Mt. Mansfield and Topnotch or Wiessner Woods, or Topnotch and Edson Hill. The distances of any required car shuttles are quite short – 5 miles at most. Parts of the last three miles of this section – between Topnotch and Edson Hill Manor – are groomed only occasionally, if at all. This stretch is generally well traveled, however, and includes the popular Wiessner Woods.


Recommended Gear for the Trail

Choose equipment and clothing that is appropriate for your outing.  Portions of the CT that follow groomed ski touring center trails or snowmobile trails can be comfortably skied with regular touring skis and boots.  Most other sections are best skied with wider, metal-edged, back-country skis. For these sections you should have boots, bindings, and poles designed for back-country terrain. For long, steep climbs or descents you will probably want climbing skins even if you have wax-less skis. These sections are listed as “Advanced Intermediate” or “Expert”.  An easy, fun tour can turn into an ordeal when your equipment breaks. Be sure your equipment is in good working order before you start your tour.   Skins may be useful on any section but are recommended for all sections labeled “advanced intermediate” or “advanced”.

You will need to bring a pack to carry your extra clothing including a wind breaker, fleece, mittens, and a hat; lunch and snacks; water; head lamp or flashlight; and extra gloves.  Be prepared to keep warm even if you must stop for an extended period of time.  We will stop for water and food often as each stop will be brief.   Avoid cotton clothing as you will not be warm and dry. Visit our Gear for the Trail page for more information.


Lodging/Food Options along the Trail

Please email your Tour Coordinator for more information about lodging and food accommodations along the trail near this tour.  You can also visit the section pages for each section of the tour for a list of lodging options.


Important Documents – Participants Must Read Before Registering For Tour

MDT Waiver Form
Skier Responsibilities
Skill & Fitness Guidelines
Recommended Equipment List


Trail Section Shuttle Directions

Shuttle Directions Section 20
Shuttle Directions Section 21
Shuttle Directions Section 22
Shuttle Directions Section 23


Registration  CLOSED

To begin registration for a multi-day tour please fill out and submit the Online Tour Registration Form (step 1), then Make An Appropriate Donation Via NEON (step 2). You can also call the office at 802-864-5794 and register via phone. Please note that participants are not fully registered for a tour until:

  1. They have spoken to the tour coordinator and are screened regarding skill level. 
  2. All parts of the online registration form have been completed, including acknowledging having read the MDT Waiver and all required documents.  
  3. A non-refundable donation has been paid to the CTA to hold a position on the tour… $25 for 1-2 days or$50 for 3 or more days
  4. The Tour Leader confirms that there is space on the tour dates requested to ski.