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Section 8: Danby – Mt. Tabor to Greendale Road

Winter 2018: FR 367 is currently closed to snowmobiles and is not groomed.  It is open to skiers.

Part back-country and part snowmobile trail, this section of the CT runs through a lovely part of the Green Mountain National Forest, and ends with a long downhill run on Jenny Coolidge Rd.

9.7 miles

Skiers encounter mostly moderate turns and slopes, with a few difficult sections. The portions shared with snowmobiles can become icy and narrow. There are several exit points and side loops to shorten or extend the ski day, making parts of this section very accessible to novice back-country skiers.


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Trail Conditions & Updates – #CTsection8

With 300 miles of trail to keep track of it can be hard to know exactly what to expect on a specific section of trail, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. Using Twitter we are hoping to help skiers out on the trail communicate their experience to skiers at home using specific hashtags for trail updates. The format is #CTsection(#). When planning an adventure you can view current updates by visiting the specific section page on the Catamount Trail website, or by searching twitter for the appropriate section you hope to ski. Below are updates for Catamount Trail Section 8… #CTsection8.