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Section 2: Harriman Dam to Route 9

*Note to Skiers:
The stream crossing just north of Medburyville South has a beaver dam that may make crossing tricky.  If you chose not to cross, you can walk on Woods Road to where the trail rejoins the Woods Road. 

Also, due to a timber harvest, all vehicles are asked to stay off Great River Hydro property after the last residence on Woods Road. The parking area  at Mountain Mills West will be used this winter for turning trucks around etc., so vehicles may not be parked in that location. The road between the picnic area and the Medburyville Bridge will be seeing truck traffic (up to full-sized trailers), especially on weekdays but also occasionally on Saturdays. Any roadside parking should not block that traffic. The operators are aware of the CT in this location and that skiers and other users may be passing through from time to time. We ask that users also be aware of this operation, stay on the marked trail, remain outside of the work area, and yield to truck traffic.  Assuming the ground stays frozen, the work should take about 3 weeks this winter.

This section offers a very beautiful and almost entirely level ski along the shore of Harriman Reservoir and the Deerfield River.

10.1 miles

This is an easy, nearly level ski, with a few short climbs that can be walked if needed.  The first mile is shared with snowmobiles.  There are no intermediate access points for the first seven miles along this section, so allow plenty of time to ski the entire section.

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Trail Conditions & Updates – #CTsection2

With 300 miles of trail to keep track of it can be hard to know exactly what to expect on a specific section of trail, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. Using Twitter we are hoping to help skiers out on the trail communicate their experience to skiers at home using specific hashtags for trail updates. The format is #CTsection(#). When planning an adventure you can view current updates by visiting the specific section page on the Catamount Trail website, or by searching twitter for the appropriate section you hope to ski. Below are updates for Catamount Trail Section 22… #CTsection2.


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