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Section 11: Patch Brook Road/Lake Ninevah to Tin Shanty

Winter 2018: There may be harvest operations approximately half-way between Patch Brook Road and Old Plymouth Road, in the vicinity of Reggie’s Road. When operational, these jobs may cross the CT, and/or share about 300’ of skid road. Please pay attention and proceed with caution in these areas.  



This is a mostly wilderness section running over Round Top and Burnt Mountains through hardwood forest. There are many excellent views. 

10.1 miles

This is a challenging section with several short, difficult stretches, which are steep and narrow. Take climbing skins, particularly for the ascent (and possibly the descent) of Burnt Mountain and Round Top.

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Trail Conditions & Updates – #CTsection11

With 300 miles of trail to keep track of it can be hard to know exactly what to expect on a specific section of trail, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. Using Twitter we are hoping to help skiers out on the trail communicate their experience to skiers at home using specific hashtags for trail updates. The format is #CTsection(#). When planning an adventure you can view current updates by visiting the specific section page on the Catamount Trail website, or by searching twitter for the appropriate section you hope to ski. Below are updates for Catamount Trail Section 11… #CTsection11.