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Landowners Along The Trail

Currently 60% of the Catamount Trail crosses private land. The CTA has permission to cross these privately owned lands due to the cooperation of these landowners. Continued access depends upon continued good relations between skiers and landowners.

The remaining 40% of the Trail crosses various types of public land. Owned by and accessible to all of us, these lands provide a wide range of exciting landscapes to explore. The Catamount Trail passes through 13 different parcels owned by municipal governments, land owned by the state of Vermont and managed by the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, as well as thousands of acres of Green Mountain National Forest.

We are sincerely grateful to these landowners for their generosity in providing permission for the Trail.

Please respect the rights of landowners and stay on the blazed route. In addition, keep your dog on the trail (have a leash with you!) and carry out any trash that you make or see. If you run into any problems, please let us know.


Landowner Feedback:
If you are a landowner along the trail, please take a moment to give us your feedback.  Click on the link below to open up the online survey to share your questions, comments, thoughts and/or concerns.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.  Thank you in advance for your efforts and all you do to keep the trail open and accessible.