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Ski The CT

ctTrailSectionMapThe Catamount Trail is characterized by great diversity – both in terms of the difficulty of the route and the remoteness of the various sections.  There is something for everyone out there, regardless of your ability level and the time available. However, please be aware that while you may be adequately skilled and equipped for one section, you may not necessarily be so for other sections.

Plan Ahead

In choosing a section to ski, please be aware that some sections may not be suitable for you or your group. Consider the weather and snow conditions, and each member of your party’s physical fitness, equipment, familiarity with the route and back-country skiing experience and skills. By reading the route description for each section and studying the trail profile, you should be able to choose a section suitable for the ability level of your party.

Skiers should feel comfortable negotiating a turn while on a moderate downhill, and should be physically fit enough to spend a minimum of four hours skiing in the cold.


Don’t Forget to Keep an Eye on the Weather!

Remember that weather and snow conditions can drastically change the difficulty (and therefore the duration) of an outing.  Because snow conditions are so variable and are paramount in determining the speed of skiing, there is no reliable rule for estimating how long it will take to cover a given distance.  Breaking trail through two feet of powder can double the normal time for an outing. Freezing rain can result in a crust that can make any section of trail treacherous.


Additional Information

Please check out our Safety Tips and Gear for the Trail sections of this website for helpful information.