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Green Mountains, Vermont, USA Skier: Dave Bouchard ©Brian Mohr/ EmberPhoto - All rights reserved

Green Mountains, Vermont, USA | Skier: Dave Bouchard | ©Brian Mohr/ EmberPhoto – All rights reserved

Vermont Backcountry Alliance – About Us

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In the fall of 2013, a dedicated group of Vermont backcountry skiers and riders, including representatives of the Catamount Trail Association (CTA) as well as the Rochester Area Sports Trails Alliance (RASTA) began meeting with the intent of creating a unified voice for Vermont’s backcountry skiing and riding community. By early 2014, under the direction of the VTBC Working Group, the Vermont Backcountry Alliance (VTBC) came to life. That winter and spring the VTBC started to engage Vermont’s broader backcountry skiing and riding community, while exploring the idea of a close working partnership with the CTA. With many existing, and evolving, ties to Vermont’s backcountry community, the CTA was a logical partner for the VTBC. Fortunately, the CTA thought so as well, and in late-June 2014 the CTA’s board voted unanimously to recognize the VTBC officially as a program of the CTA.



The Vermont Backcountry Alliance (VTBC) seeks to protect, advance and advocate for human-powered backcountry skiing and snowboarding in Vermont. The VTBC facilitates public access to backcountry terrain while promoting the conservation and responsible management of our mountain environment.


Organization & Chapters

VTBC is a program of the Catamount Trail Association and is guided by the VTBC Working Group, a diverse community of backcountry skiers and riders. The VTBC works collaboratively with its partners to facilitate backcountry programs and projects here in Vermont. The Rochester Area Sports Trails Alliance (RASTA), Dutch Hill Alliance of Skiers and Hikers (DHASH), and Northeast Kingdom Backcountry Coalition (NEKBC) are chapters, with support and oversight provided by the VTBC. 


Primary VTBC Objectives

Working with the Vermont conservation community, VTBC prioritizes, advocates for and advances opportunities for conserving lands suitable for backcountry skiing and riding in Vermont.

VTBC aims to be a unified voice for the Vermont backcountry skiing and riding community. It networks with partnering organizations, retailers, ski areas, the media, local officials/chambers and others in order to publicize important news, issues and projects.

VTBC works with partnering organizations to increase backcountry awareness and safety among Vermonters and visitors alike, promote a Vermont backcountry ethic and stewardship, and help to expand opportunities for backcountry-oriented education on all levels.

Terrain Management
VTBC works with Vermont land managers, landowners and partnering organizations to cooperatively conserve and manage terrain for backcountry skiers and riders of all abilities.


Support The VTBC

If you support the VTBC’s mission, please consider joining or donating to the CTA or one of our chapters.  If you have any questions about the VTBC, feel free to contact Amy Kelsey or Brian Mohr.

Thank You & Think Snow!