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Trail Protection Program

Winter XC mtns scene

The Catamount Trail provides a unique opportunity for the public to access, explore, and appreciate the winter landscape of Vermont. Skiers encounter unbroken wilderness conditions as well as tracked and groomed trails at the eleven nordic ski centers the trail connects – all while witnessing some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in the Northeast.  The terrain varies from challenging mountain climbs and descents to gentle terrain through fields and wooded glades. The trail provides a place for people to reconnect with the natural world and one another, while at the same time promoting better health and fitness.

The only way we can ensure Vermonters and visitors will be able to continue to experience the wonders that the Catamount Trail provides access to is by permanently protecting the trail.

Because 165 miles of the 300-mile Trail cross private land (the rest of the Trail is located on municipal, state, and federal land), development pressure and changing landowners constantly jeopardize the trail’s integrity.  Since 1998, the number of landowners has more than doubled as land has been subdivided and sold.

Recognizing that the future existence of the Trail can only be assured by permanently conserving the trail corridor, CTA initiated a strategic Trail Protection Program in 1998.  The CTA strives to accomplish its long-term protection goals by working with willing landowners who wish to sell or donate permanent trail easements across their property.  The CTA also partners with other conservation organizations to protect properties that include the Catamount Trail. 

To date, over 80 of the 165 miles of the Trail that cross private land have been permanently conserved with easements held by CTA or a conservation partner. The CTA is committed to conserving the entire Catamount Trail corridor in perpetuity and ensuring this special recreation resource exists for skiers for generations to come.

Help us with our mission of protecting all 300-miles of the Catamount Trail by making a donation to the CTA.