The Length of Vermont on Skis

Trail Section List

ctTrailSectionMapSection 31
Jay Pass to Canadian Border

Section 30
Hazen’s Notch (West Side) to Jay Pass

Section 29
Lowell Village to Hazen’s Notch (West Side)

Section 28
Craftsbury Outdoor Center to Lowell Village

Section 27
Eden/Craftsbury Townline to Craftsbury Outdoor Center

Section 26
Route 15 to Eden/Craftsbury Townline

Section 25
Ryder Brook Golf Club to Route 15

Section 24
Edson Hill to Ryder Brook Golf Club

Section 23
Trapp Family Lodge to Edson Hill Manor

Section 22
Bolton Valley Nordic Center to Trapp Family Lodge

Section 21
Route 2 to Bolton Valley Nordic Center

Section 20
Camel’s Hump Road to Duxbury Road

Section 19
Route 17 to Camel’s Hump Road

Section 18
Lincoln Gap to Route 17

Section 17
The Bridges Trail to Lincoln Gap

Section 16
Widow’s Clearing Trail to the Bridges Trail

Section 15
Route 73 to Widow’s Clearing Trail

Section 14
Mountain Top to Route 73

Section 13
Route 4 to Mountain Top

Section 12
Tin Shanty to Route 4

Section 11
Ninevah Four Corners to Tin Shanty

Section 10
Healdville to Ninevah Four Corners

Section 9
Greendale Road to Healdville

Section 8
Danby – Mt. Tabor. to Greendale Road

Section 7
South Road to Danby-Mt. Tabor Road

Section 6
Kendall Farm Road to South Road

Section 5
Kelley Stand Road to Kendall Farm Road

Section 4
Somerset Reservoir to Kelley Stand Road

Section 3
Route 9 to Somerset Resevoir

Section 2
Harriman Dam to Route 9

Section 1
Massachusetts border to Harriman Dam


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